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The Odyssey of Romic Boone Bikes.

Decades ago, Joy Boone asked Ray and Geri Gasriowski , Romic Cycles, to build a group of custom frames to be assembled as  a “Gentlemen’s’ 3 speed”.  The concept being that many cyclists did not have the where-with-all to purchase a top end 10 speed but would have to purchase a top end frame with lesser components.

Through Ray’s industry sources, we assembled Shimano Dura-Ace Headsets, Campagnolo Grand Sport Cranks and the tried and true Sturmey Archer 3 speed hubs and state of the art Italian Nisi rims. Ray used a phosphate coating on all his frames and used Emron paint. Boones’ staff built wheels and the present Boone people have assembled a sampling of them.

Boones wanted to market them, offering all sizes; however the time table of construction of all sizes was slow because of all the Romic custom frame customers kept interrupting the Boone frame runs. His frames were greatly desired by those who wanted a frame built to ride like they wanted and fit like a glove. (see article on history page) After a while the frames and parts were relegated to the attic where they have resided until a new employee found them while exploring the storerooms..

Over the years some of the original equipment has gone by the wayside,   Those frames not able to be completed as originally contemplated will directed to the current rage for single speed bikes and Shimano Nexus 7 speed bikes for the serious commuter. These frames are great for touring.

These bikes were a very limited production.  They were built between 1979-80. Ray completed 52 bikes.
Geri Gasriowski, Romic Cycles, has provided Certificate of Authenticity and decals,

 however, decals will not be applied until the bike is sold so buyer can choose the color.

Each bike sold will receive a picture folder with the buyers and their bike so the Romic collectors

will know the configuration of the bikes as sold.

Sizing available is limited. 
We are excited to be able to able to complete this project offering cyclists the opportunity to have a new, old, stock handbuilt bicycles by master builder Ray Gasriowski.

Boone -Texas jersey,  give one to a cycling friend



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