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Parts and Components

Components for custom builds

Pedals, cranks, chainrings, chains, freewheels, cogs. If you are not putting the power to the road as efficiently as possible, then you could be tiring sooner than necessary. Chainrings and chains especially will wear just as a result of normal use and need to be replaced more often if you off-road a lot, due to dirt and grit getting into the works.

Brakes & Shifters
There are lots of modern brake designs that are lighter and have more stopping power than the old center-pull calipers we used to have. For maximum stopping power, try hydraulics. New shifters can help you hit your gears with less "grinding" and fewer misses. Over the course of a long ride on a rear derailleur that uses bushed pulley wheels, you could save the energy needed to lift 100 pounds over your head by using one with ball bearings instead!

Saddles & Seatposts
One of the most personal aspects of your bike is expressed in your choice of handlebar and saddle. These are the places where your body will fatigue fastest if you do not make proper choices. From the traditional leather Brooks, to lightweight synthetics and shock-absorbing seatposts, anything is possible. Many seatpost/seatpost clamps also offer front to back as well as length adjustment for maximum sizing freedom. Looking for a particular saddle? After 33 years, we have lots of miscellaneous saddles to choose from.

Whether you spend long hours in the saddle, or just want the most comfortable ride around, the type and placement of your bars is critical to efficiency and very personal for every rider. Drop style aluminum racing handlebars or steel "bull moose" bars, or specialized bar extentions for additional hand positions and extended comfort in marathon conditions, we can set up your bars anyway you like.

Rims, hubs, spokes and tires. It could be argued that the wheel is the single most important aspect of a bicycle. Many of the greatest advances in cycling technology have come to wheels, and you'll certainly want to keep yours in top condition, perhaps even keeping 2 pairs for different conditions; heavy-duty for training and ultra-light for racing. If that's a bit much for your casual needs, consider 2 pairs of tires instead.  Wheels also take lots of abuse, intentional or not, and will come out-of-true, out-of-round, and generally loose, and will convert your energy into heat by friction from internal flexing, rather that putting to the ground where it belongs. Keep your wheels true and your tires properly inflated and your rides will be much more enjoyable.

Do you have one of the new suspended bikes? Perhaps you want a sportier ride. You'll need stiffer shocks for maximum power transmission. Elastomers will wear as you hit the end of the range of the sprung elements, and will need to be replaced to prevent permanent damage.

Cables & Housing
Not really one of those things you might think of in terms of performance or wear, but you can reduce weight, reduce friction and decrease stretching with a good set of cables and clean, low friction cable housings.

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