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Bike Shop History

Image of the backyard Joy, Dan Boone and their seven kids started out refurbishing used bikes from their home to supplement their income. The store evolved into what it is now because neither Joy nor Dan had enough business sense to know that high-end bicycles and equipment are a limited market. Other dealers in town did know and didn't stock these items. Then, as now, they referred cyclists to Boone's with the phrase "if Boone's doesn't have it, no one will."

As one would say, in the right place at the right time would apply to the shop as the boom of the seventies propelled the business forward. Thanks to Houston's oil field personnel the shop is known internationally. Out-of-town cyclists make it a point to visit. The mentoring and ideas of fellow dealers and loyal customers have helped point the way in the evolution of the shop. This evolution will continue as Joy has been dreaming of enlarging the shop and establishing a bicycle museum on land that she owns. The financing of the dreams is another learning curve.

The backyard is still where the shop is located. It's unique and has been voted one of the top 100 bike shops nationwide and the Houston Press "Best Bike Shop."


The original Daniel Boone Cycles "Flying Wheel" graphic was conceived and drawn by Greg Siple, founder of Bikecentennial (later to become Adventure Cycling Association) and with his father founded the Tour of the Sciotto River Valley (TOSRV).

The ironwork sulpture featured at the entrance to the shop (have image) was built by renowned Houston artist Lee Benner, a former bike-shop owner.

The annual Houston Moonlight Bicycle Ramble was first ridden in 1973 after Joy observed the St. Louis, Missouri ramble, an event ten-thousand riders strong. Joy, J. Mc Spadden, Tex Allen and the executive director of Citizens for Hike & Bike worked together and six weeks later, 368 people left from the then new city hall annex on essentially the same route as today.

Riding that night was John Howard, a local racer who was later inducted into the Bicycling Hall of Fame, winner of the 1981 Ironman and holder of the 1985 world land bicycle speed record, and June & Greg Siple, who were in the middle of the Alaska to Argentina Hemistour and many others that adopted bicycling as a way of life. Joy was last to finish that night to a cheering crowd. :-) It was an event that all organizers and volunteers rode. Today the annual 2am ride features thousands of riders from all over the world.

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