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How can I avoid injuries?

Some things to keep in mind to avoid injuries are:

  • Don't aim too high! Gradually build up to your desired level. Start your sessions with gentle warm-ups and end with a cooling down period.
  • Watch for warning signs. If you feel pain in your joints, feet, ankles or legs - STOP! Pushing yourself could lead to injury.
  • Be aware of signs of possible heart problems; pain in the middle or left of your chest and neck, or in your left shoulder or arm. If you suddenly feel dizzy, break into a cold sweat or faint - STOP exercising. Seek medical treatment IMMEDIATELY.
  • Take precautions in hot weather. Exercise in the morning or evening, drink lots of fluids and wear light, cool clothing.
  • Don't take vigorous exercise for two hours after a meal and make sure that you finish exercising 20 minutes before you eat.
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