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Update From Joy:

Thank you all for the memories of this half century and your patronage, friendship, mentoring,   "giving a hand" and especially those employees who contributed a portion of their lives to create Daniel Boone Cycles. When Daniel and I started selling used bikes for extra money to support our seven kids, I had no Idea it would morph into a life's work!      Joy Boone


FYI The logo was created by employee's Greg Siple (see: Hemistour, on Wikipedia),  Kieth Lundquist  and on the 25th anniversary the flying wheel sculpture by Houston artist Lee Benner was unveiled. The "finger' was made by Terry Wheeler and many years later I met him and found out the title was "John the Baptist" and made as a UH project.


Boone Cycles is taking a hiatus!


"Will return in the future" 

Saturday June 29, 2019 will be the last day open.


Starting today, all items, 50% or more off.
Hours 10-7 Tues-Saturday


Tues-Fri 10am-7pm
Saturday 10am-7pm.

Ph. (713) 526-6434

Ph. (713)-526-7011


Equipping beginners to pros for 50 years!

We're not just a neighborhood bike shop.  Some call us "The cyclist dreamshop."  We offer quality selections with values to meet your needs.  We strive to keep up with changing technology while still remaining enthusiastic about the classics. 

Our decades long reputation has been built on service, variety of equipment, knowledge, trust and a friendly atmosphere.



PLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!  In March, 2013 we had a theft of bicycles from the storage space for the Houston Bicycle Museum.

CLICK HERE to see the photos and descriptions of stolen bicycles on our facebook page.

Channel 11 also covered the story as well and you can view HERE.

Thank you to everyone who has checked in with us so far.  Please call or stop by or email us if you come across any leads.




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